Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Disney Games for XBox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and Online

Disney Online and Disney Interactive Studios have released their summer games for some good old fashion family game time. Well, maybe not old fashion... more like karaoke and video games based on Disney movies.
Sound good?

I'll show you around the party I was lucky to attend! The room was filled with TVs and games. Along with each game was the game designer to explain the best features of each game.

Nick spent a lot of time playing the online game ToonTown with Philip(above).
Thanks for all the tips, Philip!!!

Here's Nick with the new Cars Online game expert. Thanks for the cool hat, dude!
Radiator Springs here we come....

Split Second was Nick's favorite game by far. Available now for XBox 360 and PS3.
See the fiery explosion on the screen in the picture above?
That would be Nick having a blast, (i know) playing Split Second.

Here is a quote from when I asked him to write a review on this game.

"Split Second a breath taking action game with driving, destroying and amazing tracks. You are competing against the best drivers in the world. It is totally fast and fun." -10 year old gamer Nick

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  1. Hi,I truly preferred this racing game a ton and I am not a fan of racing games whatsoever.Split second is a considerable measure like Burnout revenge with an unique twist...I let a friend play it who was a big fan of racing games and he loved it in all honesty!!!The graphics,sound, and idea are eminent.Good day.
    --Teresa Cooper.